Thank you for stopping by our page. We would like to tell you a little bit about us here at CORPS. Crossing Over Research Paranormal Society is North West Arkansas number one and newest Paranormal Group with its Virtual Headquarters based out of Fayetteville Arkansas. CORPS was Founded In 2017 by Jennifer Bolinger of Huntsville, Arkansas and William Brown of Alma, Arkansas. William Brown has got 16 years of experience in the paranormal field with Jennifer Bolinger having 16+ years in the paranormal field.

You my be asking yourself what makes CORPS NWA number one paranormal team? Well that can be answered by one word, 



You might find yourself asking what do they mean by Professionalism well let us tell you what we mean.
CORPS shows up when we say we are going to be there 
we are on time and ready to go
 we are dressed Uniformed 
We don't Judge
We get the evidence back to you in a timely manner.  

Our Mission Statement is that we are not here to Prove or disprove that the paranormal exist however we are here to research and help you understand what is going bump in the night.